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Grabbell is as simple a game as you can get. Pick up cards, matching an aspect, and then slam your hand down for the bonus 10 points.

Without any rules to get in your way, the game becomes a game of jostling, franticly grabbing, and then a sudden climactic ending as everyone shouts 'Grabbell!'

For some people, this may be too violent or simple.

Try it a few times. It's only 2 minutes (including setup and counting) so there's little reason not to.

If one player is much better, they can keep one hand above their head as a handicap. This means that quick glances (to remind yourself of the previous card) are more difficult and your grabbing hand has farther to travel.

If you like speed games, there are 3 other games so far that this has inspired - Alphabeticagrabbell, Reverse Grabbell and Alternagrabbell (not necessarily the final names).


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Grabbell rules
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Silly, speedy recognition and slams.